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Check out this video where I give a recap of a recent Busienss Tech Support call where we discussed taking a Company Director from a stale PDF to a dynamic site.

Chris C.

Remember Bard, the AI assistant you could chat with for information? It's now called Gemini, a more robust tool designed to amplify your professional capabilities.

Beyond a Name Change:

Think of Gemini as a brand change and upgrade:

  • Deeper Conversations: Understand nuanced questions and complex topics, making it a valuable brainstorming partner and research assistant.

  • Increased Productivity: Automate repetitive tasks like summarizing documents, generating reports, and drafting emails, freeing up your time for strategic thinking.

  • Mobile Accessibility: The new Gemini app brings this power to your smartphone, empowering you to access information, manage tasks, and even get creative on the go with the new mobile apps.

Chris C.

Popular Google Chrome Extension marked for malware

Hey Business Leaders! Just wanted to give you a heads up about an extension called "Google ChatGPT: Google Search with ChatGPT". Unfortunately, Google has found it to be malware and is recommending that it be turned off and removed as soon as possible.

Previously, the extension was known for providing AI-powered search results alongside regular Google searches. However, Google has now integrated this feature directly into their search results, rendering the extension unnecessary. So, to ensure that your browsing experience remains safe and secure, we strongly recommend that you follow Google's advice and remove the extension from your browser.

Thanks for being proactive and keeping your browsing experience a safe one! Reach out to us at Teach Me Tech to learn more about helpful AI tools and other malware-less Chrome Extensions 😎

Chris C.
Feb 07

This company has been very helpful to me!


Enhance your business space with the festive spirit by playing a live video or seamlessly looping a YouTube video at work during the holidays. Unlock the potential of your workplace ambiance with these step-by-step instructions provided by Google. The instructions below will help you create a vibrant, holiday-inspired atmosphere effortlessly.

Loop a video using these instructions:

Google Support Page

Use a live video like this one:

Cozy Christmas Shop

Chris C.


Hey there, Business Enthusiasts! Welcome to the Business Spa...
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