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Remember Bard, the AI assistant you could chat with for information? It's now called Gemini, a more robust tool designed to amplify your professional capabilities.

Beyond a Name Change:

Think of Gemini as a brand change and upgrade:


Popular Google Chrome Extension marked for malware

Hey Business Leaders! Just wanted to give you a heads up about an extension called "Google ChatGPT: Google Search with ChatGPT". Unfortunately, Google has found it to be malware and is recommending that it be turned off and removed as soon as possible.

Previously, the extension was known for providing AI-powered search results alongside regular Google searches. However, Google has now integrated this feature directly into their search results, rendering the extension unnecessary. So, to ensure that your browsing experience remains safe and secure, we strongly recommend that you follow Google's advice and remove the extension from your browser.


You can have a natural feeling conversation with AI from your phone. The ChatGPT app now lets you talk to it when asking questions and it replies back with voice.

Here is a link to the Apple App:

Warning: This is completely free. Be on the lookout for fake or copy apps. The developer of the official app is OpenAI.

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In this video, we're comparing Bard and ChatGPT to create a service agreement for a window cleaning company called Caters2U Window Cleaning. I'll be discussing the features and functionalities of both platforms. I'll also highlight the templates created by each platform, such as notices, waivers, and company information. While AI has made the process easier, there's still some cleanup and customization required. Join me as I compare the two platforms and do some final cleanup to create the perfect service agreement.

Which template do you like the most?

  • Bard

  • ChatGPT

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