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Good evening everyone

Chris C.
Chris C.
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Okay, who else struggles with math? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Duolingo feels our pain, and their new math feature might be our lifesaver 😂 Read all about it in our latest blog post in the News Section!

School got you pulling your hair out? Feeling like your brain is stuck on repeat in French class? Google Gemini (formerly Bard) is here to be your AI sidekick.

Think of Gemeni as your:

Homework Hero: Forget begging your parents for research help. Gemini can:

  • Summarize that mountain of text: History project on the Roman Empire feeling overwhelming? Ask Gemini to give you the key points in a nutshell. Boom, instant understanding!



Hey there, future-ready youth! Whether you're already passio...
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